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Driving licence for category B in XMOTO PRO driving school

Auto driving school provides professional theoretical and practical sessions for B category. The confident and safe driving with vehicle is the main and most important thing for us. We use brand new vehicles for study, the same CSDD use for the exams. Follow you dreams, but we will help You reach it!

What is B category?

B category – vehicles with authorized mass no more, than 3500 kg and sitting places no more than 8 excluded driver’s place. You can get this category driving license from the age 18, but to start learning from the age 16.

Study process in XMOTO PRO driving school is fast and pleasant process, after as result you will become good and confident driver.

Advantages to learn driving at XMOTO PRO

Advantages to learn driving at XMOTO PRO

Only 3 steps to get B category driving license

Theoretical session in driving school
Theoretical session in driving school

You can apply for study by phone 67463055.

Theoretical course is 3,5 weeks 11 lessons (55 academical hours) according to the schedule. After finishing theoretical session, you have to pass the theoretical test for B category at driving school.

After, you have to pass the theoretical test for B category at CSDD.

Theoretical classes are at Biekensalas Street 21, 214 audience. Get started learning Get started learning
Practical session with instructor

Before you start practical session, you shouldn’t wait until theoretical classes are finished. Also you have to get the special permit for study driving at CSDD, you driving license will be your permit for study driving.

  • The quantity of driving lessons depends on your skills, but not less than 20 academical hours (45 min.).
  • You should individualy contact instructor to arrange the schedule for practical session. One practical lesson is 90 min.
  • The practice is taking place in Riga, Zalu street 6.

When you’ll have enough driving skills, you can apply for practical exam at CSDD.

Practical session with instructor
Practical exam at CSDD
Practical exam at CSDD

When you feel you drive the car confident, and you got acceptance of instructor - you can apply for the practical exam at CSDD. To pass the exam, you need to do 2 figures (the first figure is parallel parking on road, the second figure will choose computer), then you should show all your skills and knowledge of Traffic rules on road part in the inhabited area and also outside the inhabited area.

Congratulations! Now you can drive the car and finally got B driving license!

Our vehicles

We provide:

  • Volkswagen Touran
  • Audi A3
Get started learning Get started learning
Volkswagen Touran Volkswagen Touran
Audi A3 Audi A3
Cost of education (B category)

Cost of education (B category)

Theoretical course + all formalities 90,00 €
One driving lesson (45 min.) 22,50 €
One driving lesson (90 min.) 45,00 €
First Aid course 55,00 €

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